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Discussion on: XDC Network Protocol Upgrade Proposal: Fully Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Network

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Just as general idea, how about this: the core 108 Masternodes are working same as now with same rewards, the rest 42 MN up to total of 150 is on pos basis with XDC delegation (so small XDC holders can delegate their XDC to a Masternode and earn proportionally the same rate as the Masternode, but the Masternode can choose to charge a rate from 0% up to 10% fees) . They can do this by just using and XDCpay/Metamask. This reminds me of razor networks delegation model. Just for reference here is how is looks there:

Once one of the previous core Masternodes resigns, the previuos core Masternode count then gets to 107 and the other MN/validator spots get to 43. etc… this keeps on each time a Masternode of the early supporters and backers which helped grow the network resigns. This way over time I think the now core Masternodes will get lesser and more validator spots with game theory design will work, where each MN competes for most contributions in the way of less fees, marketing etc…

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Ritesh kakkad Author

Thank you for your feedback, we look at this given proposal and delegate XDC looks much more achievable looking at current XDPoS consensus