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[Informative] SubQuery’s Decentralised Data Indexer now supports XDC Network

We are thrilled to announce our integration support for XDC Network. SubQuery's indexing capabilities empower developers on XDC Network to efficiently manage and query on-chain data, expediting development processes and facilitating rapid iterations, ultimately advancing the goal of onboarding the next billion users to the blockchain.

Developers building on XDC Network can now harness SubQuery's versatile, high-speed, open, and decentralised data indexing solution. This empowers blockchain developers with crucial tools to efficiently manage and query on-chain data for their protocols and applications. Make sure to refer to the XDC Apothem quickstart guide to understand how to develop your first SubQuery indexer.

SubQuery simplifies the intricacies of backend operations, providing developers with a tailor-made API. This enables them to focus on product development and enhancing user experiences, without the need to allocate resources towards constructing their indexing solutions.

There are three hosting options when using SubQuery: you can use our open-sourced SDK and run it locally for free, you can used our enterprise level Managed Service, or you can truly decentralise your tech stack by running it on the SubQuery Network.

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Hi, Facing the below issue on doing subql init

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Sean • Edited on

Can you try again?

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