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Easy Interface Of XDC Network in Unity Game engine Using Node JS and Unity Packages.


Project Name: Gaming Dapp

Team Members:
1) M.Sri santh
2) G.Akshat Sachdeva
3) M.Vittal Kumaar
4) H.Mohammed Basith


The P2E gaming industry is expected to grow 1.7 times faster than the rest of the gaming market and surpass $136 billion in revenues in 2022. The size of the overall gaming market is expected to touch a massive $222 billion this year. The revenue from console and PC gaming is estimated at $40 billion and $42 billion, respectively. In the blockchain domain, gaming has good scope around it. The greatest inspiration for the development of this idea is the CAGR(Compound Annual Growth Rate) of P2E is 21.3 percent, the market for play-to-earn NFT games is anticipated to expand from $755 million in 2021 to $3618.4 million by 2028.

What it does

The idea includes the basis of the play-to-earn concept and the crypto and non-fungible token (NFT) space which has taken the world by storm with Play-to-Earn (P2E), an emerging next-big agile model.
Play-to-earn concepts are exactly what it sounds like, video games where players have the ability to earn revenue while they play. Unlike normal console or PC titles, P2E games give gamers the opportunity to earn revenue just by playing a video game.

** Users can earn NFTs and other cryptos by playing our P2E Game. This will also be used to set prices for our NFT and Crypto coins. Users can exchange their in-game coins with our crypto coin. Using this crypto they can purchase NFTs like Lan, Weapon, Pets, etc..! Users can also start minting their own NFT after attaining a certain level. **

How we built it

First of all, we started with building smart contracts in the XinFin network. We used Xinpay wallet to get funds and deploy those contracts. then we created REST APIs to interact with the blockchain and Implemented them in the P2E game. We created a small shooter game in unity. We created a lobby area in which users can exchange ERC20 and ERC721 tokens between themselves. We used web3 in REST API. using the same REST API user can purchase NFTs.

In Node JS, For REST API we have used resources of the Xinfin network which is used to access the main functions to get and upload data to the blockchain. we have used express.js for porting and mapped to google cloud.

And we also building a Unity package that will help developers for developing metaverse-based games easier and developer friendly. By building this unity package we can have good communication between unity-based games and the Xinfin network. And we are also trying to link the Xinfin wallet to the unity game engine via the unity package.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

By doing these we have learned some good ideas around blockchain,p2Estuffs, NFT, XDC, and one of our team members who work in a P2E-based company.

What we learned

Making money from P2E games is a reality! which is more flexible and some more optimistic ways of earning and creating. As we know from developing Gaming DAPP on the Xinfin network we figured out that Xinfin is more independent from other blockchains. So, We are excited to develop the infrastructure of Xinfin Network. And build the community with good new tech's on Xinfin Network.

What's next for Gaming Dapp

Some of the best companies like ETH, EOS, TRON, and ASTAR who are experts in blockchain say gaming will be the first actual use case for blockchain, revamping the industry and making games more immersive than ever. How gaming navigates the remaining hurdles will become a case study for other industries considering mass blockchain adoption. The adoption of these industries would be hard now in times but would be more scalable in the coming days. This is a DAPP(Decentralized Application) based game. Gaming DAPP is using an API specifically developed for the Xinfin network. This will make Game development on Xinfin network easier.

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Explanations are done in an understandable manner,appreciation to the team members