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Discussion on: XDC Network Protocol Upgrade Proposal: Fully Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Network

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Like many have mentioned here, the main question is:

"What are the challenges you foresee with present mechanism that only PoS would resolve?"

In other words, is this change necessary? If not, then it seems to not be beneficial to switch to POS, especially when financial institutions and organizations such as the IMF have repeatedly reported on the flaws of POS already. Why break something that is not broken? With our placements i fail to see the reason behind the change from XDPOS to POS.

What will happen to the xdpos forensic upgrades? What about the ongoing products being built on our current system?

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Ritesh kakkad Author

PoS was only one proposed option to scale the network with more participation. Most of the community voice not in favour of PoS so we will consider another option after feedback.

About xdpos forensic upgrades, its as per the plan here is the progress link :

Feel free to provide your feedback.