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[WIP]Unable to use Trezor with Beta of new XDC Web Wallet

Summary of the issue:

  • I am testing usage of Trezor with the Beta version of the new XDC web wallet at and am unable to get it working with Trezor
  • Local Trezor bridge has already been updated recently
  • Trezor is working perfectly with MetaMask for normal XDC network interactions
  • Browser used for testing is Brave
  • OS used for testing is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Desktop

Actions so far to test direct Trezor usage:

  • Went to
  • Clicked the "Access my Wallet" button
  • Clicked the "Hardware Wallets" button
  • Connected a Trezor device to the computer
  • Clicked the "Trezor" button on the website
  • The following page then opens in the browser but the green circle just keeps going around. Doesn't progress from here. There is also no extra information or instructions shown on the Trezor display. The web browser screen is:

Green Circle

Actions so far to test Trezor usage via MetaMask:

  • Ensured Metamask was active as an extension on web browser
  • There are no other Web3 wallet browser extensions open
  • Metamask is connected to the IceCreamSwap RPC and explorer with the following details:

IceCreamSwap RPC

  • Went to
  • Clicked the "Access my Wallet" button
  • Clicked "Browser Extension" button and received the error message shown at the base of the image below:

No Web3 Wallet Found

  • Manually added the beta wallet site as a manually "Connected Site" to the currently open Metamask wallet address as in the image shown here:

Connected Sites

  • Then tried clicking the "Browser Extension" button again but I'm still receiving the same error "No Web3 Wallet Found!"

Posting here so the issue is noted and can be addressed. Thanks guys.

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Mitali_BlocksScan • Edited on

Hello @s4njk4n,

I have successfully connected Metamask and verified the functionality. Here is the screenshot for your reference:
ans image

Regarding Trezor, We are trying to reproduce the issue. Please allow us some time, and we will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

Thank you!

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When will the beta version of the web wallet released and replace the current web wallet