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Discussion on: [Solved]New here. Questions about Masternode/Validator deployment

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You can find recommended minimal specs here:

The recommendation of 300GB hasn't changed in at least 2 years but chaindata folder is currently 251GB in size. Chain has grown by 74.32GB in last 1 year so I presume node operators will need to upgrade their storage size within the coming months.

Recommended RAM from the community docs link is 32GB. Some is actively used. Some is for cache. Actively used amount grows with time. At present I cannot provide you with average/peak memory consumption as the figures I have are not accurate sorry.

CPU utilization I guess will depend on number of CPUs you have. Recommendation is 2+ cores of 64bits. I don't have accurate figures here so someone may be able to check a node and get back to you.

When spinning up a node, you don't have to wait 2 weeks for it to sync. You can download the latest snapshot of the chain data with:

Once it has downloaded and you have installed it, then you can sync the remainder which should be relatively quick.

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I see! Yeah, I had already looked up the minimum specs but with infrastructure planning I'm always interested in actual usage so I can allocate resources a bit more smartly.

The link to the snapshot is especially helpful, especially for bootstrapping nodes with Terraform. tysm!

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You’re welcome. Good luck with your nodes!