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Discussion on: [Solved]New here. Questions about Masternode/Validator deployment

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Re KYC: Requires the document to be Notarized by a Notary Public so you will need whatever documents they require for the process. From memory, I believe many have just uploaded the notarized document page. If I’m wrong here, someone will correct me I’m sure.

Re: using same document for testnet/mainnet, you would have to check with XinFin for specifics but, from memory, I believe entities that already hold multiple existing nodes used the same document as the purpose is to KYC the entity operating the node (and obtaining multiple documents wouldn’t add any value to that process for a given entity or for the network).

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Salomon Morales

That's correct. The same document can be used to KYC for multiple nodes if the same person/entity is running them. They can be used for either mainnet/testnet.