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Discussion on: Introduction to the XDC Network Masternode App with Improved Features.

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Hi Anil

I was examining the Masternode dApp codebase on Github and noted that it references TrezorConnect so I went to test it.

The dApp allows 4 login options: XDCPay, Private Key, Ledger, Trezor

When using the XDCPay option, I can access the dApp successfully with MetaMask (using the IceCreamSwap RPC) and manually adding the dApp as a "Connected Site" in MM.

If users want to use the Trezor option, I'm guessing one option is to use their device via MM.

On attempting to use Trezor as a direct login option from the dropdown box on the login page, the user is presented with a continuously circling green loading circle on the TrezorConnect page that opens in the browser but it never progresses to the dApp.

I note the red TrezorConnect deprecation message that was showing up in the XDCPay app isn't there.

Is there something else that needs to be done by the user to facilitate a direct Trezor login?