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Discussion on: BlocksScan Contributed towards XDCPay 2.0 and It's ready for Beta Testing.

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Hi Guys

Trezor is no longer usable with XDCpay as the version of "Trezor Connect" used has been deprecated for a long time and was planned to be shutdown at the end of February 2023. When authorising XDCpay transactions on Trezor, there is a warning message that shows up indicating this. See the included image for the warning.

I have confirmed that at least 2 other users who use Trezor with XDCpay are experiencing this warning (and now unusability) so it is not specific to my machine but is instead a broader issue.

This post is to detail the troubleshooting steps I have done as well as the workaround we can use temporarily until the issues are addressed.

System Details:

  • The system in question is an Ubuntu Linux 22.04LTS desktop using the Brave browser with the XDCpay extension. The wallet addresses being used are those that have been added from the Trezor wallet to XDCpay and then transacted on in the steps below.

  • The system does not have or use Trezor Suite.

  • The system does have the Trezor Bridge installed in order for the Trezor to provide its functionality to the Web Browser.

  • I already updated the Trezor firmware about a week ago after first seeing the "deprecation" warning so it is already all up to date.

Issue Details and Troubleshooting Steps I have done:

  • I've tried initially doing 2 transfers using XDCpay (1XDC each transfer) from one of the Trezor-based XDCpay addresses to another and the process completes as normal with the "deprecation" warning showing in the browser windows whilst interacting with the Trezor to authorise the transactions. XDCpay shows the appropriate balance changes of each address in its own record and the transaction details on XDCpay say that the transaction was confirmed. However, looking up both the sending and receiving addresses on does not show either of the transactions as having occurred in the transactions listings of either address. shows the balance of each address as if the 2x 1XDC transfers had never occurred. ie. both address balances have not changed on the block explorer.

  • I then uninstalled Trezor Bridge.

  • I then reinstalled Trezor Bridge with the current linux version v2.0.27.

  • Attempted the steps in step 1 above again but got the same "deprecation warning" in the browser.

  • Rebooted the machine.

  • Attempted the steps in step 1 above again but got the same "deprecation warning" in the browser.

  • I have confirmed that the Bridge version has updated appropriately as per the image shown below.

  • Next, instead of using XDCpay, I went to the XDC Web wallet at

  • I was able to access the addresses via the web wallet using the Trezor but on opening the address I got an error message popup in the browser.

  • After clicking to "Send the error message to Team Xinfin", I then was able to see the wallet fine. Interestingly the address balance shown in the web wallet appeared as if those 2x 1XDC transfers actually went through.. I rechecked the block explorer at again and on there when I looked at the address, I still could not see the transactions in the "transaction listing" for the address. The balances on the block explorer also appeared as if those 2 transactions had not happened.

  • I then attempted to transfer 1XDC back from the receiving address to the initial sending address, but this time using the Web wallet to do the transaction. When authorising the transactions via the Trezor, I still saw the red text deprecation message (same as seen when authorizing on trezor in XDCpay). The Web Wallet however also gave an error message popup when I tried to do the send transaction and it then failed and I couldn't continue with it. I've attached a screenshot of the error message. Unfortunately I couldn't scroll down in the error message window so I couldn't see the complete error message.

  • I downloaded and opened the Trezor Suite. The Trezor Suite App however does not have native support for XDC in it so I couldn't access or see the XDC Network in it.

The following steps were performed about 12 hours after the above steps:

  • I then set up Metamask to use the XDC Network by adding it as a custom network by using:

Network Name: XDC-Mainnet-ERPC


Chain ID: 50

Currency Symbol: XDC

Block Explorer:

(When I tried adding the network using it gave me an error that it couldn't find Chain ID 50 on that RPC so I used the erpc instead)

  • Interestingly, there is NO deprecation message during any of the Trezor authorisation steps when using Metamask. My version is 10.25.0. I've not changed anything else so that "Trezor Connect" deprecation warning only shows up when using XDCpay. From that I infer its probably a component issue in XDCpay that will require update.

  • Also interestingly, all transactions are now showing up on the block explorer.

  • I set up metamask to use and it shows all the transactions as being successful, including the 2x 1XDC transfers from the previous night.

  • I then checked the addresses on and they are also now showing up there as well.


End summary of issues:

  • XDCpay has a component issue and will need to be updated to implement a more current version of "Trezor Connect". I guess we need to ensure that this is functional in the new version of XDCpay being released.
  • Metamask couldn't find Chain ID 50 when using the default Blocksscan XDCpay RPC:
  • The Trezor functionality of the Xinfin Web Wallet is also broken and will need to be fixed.
  • The XDCpay/Trezor workaround is to set up Metamask as above and connect the Trezor to import ones addresses. Whenever transacting, one just needs to be sure to change any transaction addresses by replacing the initial "xdc" at the start of the address with "0x".

We all appreciate everything you create for the community. I hope these details will help contribute to addressing the issues noted. Thanks guys.