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Discussion on: BlocksScan Contributed towards XDCPay 2.0 and It's ready for Beta Testing.

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Thank Ivan. For the users I'm referring to, the wallet addresses themselves wont be a problem as they're all imported from Trezor so they can just reimport them all as normal whenever setting up a new instance of XDCpay. Its more the actual labels that are ascribed to each wallet address to describe its purpose. Its great to be able to download them in the Stats Log. I guess what I'm getting at is that when setting up a new instance of XDCpay it would be great to be able to just import all the Address labels instead of having to manually type them all every time a new instance of XDCpay is installed/setup. In a situation where one would have 50 or even 400 wallet addresses, this process becomes very cumbersome at present (and yes I do know several people who have and actively use this many wallet addresses so I'm not just theorising). How do we get this functionality added?