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Discussion on: XDC Network Protocol Upgrade Proposal: Fully Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Network

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Ryan Mcbride

It seems the XDC amount to be node holder will never go below 10m only up. So one is never safe if you hold node #130 with 22 million XDC does the door close forever and you are holder for life or can you be removed in time by a 25 million xdc holder.
Currently are we proposing node #5 and #205 each with 10 million xdc will be offered the same chance to compete for one of the 130 nodes, the highest "bid" shall we say wins right to the node and the door closes or not.
Is there a different set of rules for node 108 compared to node 109 as things stand regarding the changes
Is being node 130 any different to node 131 currently under the new proposals
What timeline frameworks are on the table , and will we be able to monitor and react to the number of XDC required.
It feels like an auction for the rich to potentially take a node from an OG

Does the price of XDC have any bearing on the timing of this update - asking holders to give up a node at 3 cent gets a different response than asking them to give up at $1+ timing seems a little off to me.
Does the network require this shift to POS to fulfill its short term potential in the trade finance space where we all see XDC as a favored use case.

Thank you.

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