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[Solved] Lost my XDC showing zero

I used my pnemonic and my wallet address is showing zero. I looked up the wallets on the blockchain and they are zero. Has anybody been having similar problems?

Man this sucks

Here are all my xdc addresses

Any advice?????


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RVC Inc. Author

I figured out my problem. You must enter in the password. If you don't it will appear to have let you into the wallet except the balance will be zero.

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If you had created the wallet using Mnemonic phrase and password combination using the older web wallet website, then you'll always need that password along with Mnemonic phrases to access your wallets but the updated wallet website here also gives you the option of creating a wallet with Mnemonic phrases only without having to opt for a password.

Though, having a password creates another layer of security for users in case their Mnemonic phrases gets compromised but it sometimes creates issues for users in case they somehow forget their password.

To avoid that situation, users can now create wallets without a password with Just Mnemonic phrases. The wallets created using Mnemonic phrases only can also be imported or restored to Metamask very easily which wasn't the case earlier

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Robert Aronovici

Yes, on the web wallet you'll have three attempts (or maybe five) to enter the correct credentials. If you don't, the wallet will act as a sudo "empty" wallet. The interface does need a prompt for incorrect attempts...