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Discussion on: Idea to Develop Token ERC404 Portal

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ruslan wing

Yes you can easily deploy a token on XDC Network as it's an EVM compatible network and it supports all the Ethereum tools which are required for integration if you still have any questions or find any issue with the development please feel free to post it here XDC developers community would be pleasured to help you out

And once your token is deployed you can add liquidity and get your token listed on the XSWAP DEX and once your token is launched you bring the external investors against your token to make your project successful.

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Alfian Yuliato Author

Thank you very much
we want to check if XDC have a Grant Program for Developer ?
where i can check it

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Sean • Edited on

XDC does have a grant program for developers but you need to have an MVP ready to be considered for the grant.
Once you have the MVP ready, you can apply for the grant and then your application will go though screening and evaluation before the grant gets approved