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Discussion on: Proposal to Streamline and Further Decentralize the Incentive Structure of the Network

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Ronald Mitchell

Dust, if I read this correctly, the Eco Dev Fund is not part of the circulating supply. Why would we burn these to offset the new minting. If they are not currently circulating there is nothing to offset.

Burning XDC that is already circulating would indeed offset the minting of new tokens but in this suggestion above is there really an offset?

There may be a need to develop the ecosystem in the future. I see no reason to burn these tokens if they are not currently circulating already. We introduced standby nodes after the tokenomics were determined. So these tokens were not specifically for node rewards, we created that scenario. Correct?

If I have misunderstood, please help me understand. Thanks buddy.

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duts Author

Yeah, fair - there’s no need to bring the whole question of burning to bear on the proposal, which is really about subsidizing manually VS automatic rewards. So I’m just gonna delete that bit.