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Discussion on: Proposal: Safe on XDC Network

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Ritesh kakkad

How it's differ from from below links:

Also global safe community already added XDC contract code. Please check url :

Please reply to above questions to get more clarification on your proposal.


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Daria Lapus Author

Thanks for your questions Ritel and Atul!
Here are our answers:

Regarding Yodaplus wallet.
It seems to be a fork of the original (Gnosis) Safe solution (the code is open-source), which is positioned as a custom Yoda-branded product. There are some important points that we want to mention:

  • Commitments and Obligations: this solution is owned and managed by a 3rd party company. Since it's not an official XDC wallet, there are no commitments and obligations regarding keeping it working in the long term. Recommended (by Gnosis Safe team) infrastructure costs around $300-$500/m (depending on Safe utilization) and the solution itself doesn't earn money, so there is no clear motivation for YodaPlus company to keep it working, especially in case of usage growth. We suggest deploying an official public XDC Safe, owned by the community. This wallet will be fully XDC branded, code will be published in XinFin GitHub repository and Protofire will support & maintain it officially until the Gnosis Safe team will take it over. We are a long-term partner of the Gnosis Safe team and our track record (we deployed Safe on more than 15 networks) and reputation speak for themselves, so the community cannot worry about the security and reliability of the suggested solution.
  • Keeping it up to date: YodaPlus vault is significantly outdated and already deprecated. While it's hard to check BE components, based on published UI we can say that solution versions were not upgraded for at least 9 months (it also correlated with commit history in Yoda GitHub From January 2023 Safe-React repo is deprecated and Web-Core is released instead ( These updates brought not only decoration but plenty of new features and the most important: security improvements. That's why we believe that updating it timely is crucial. Our proposal includes further support, updating & maintenance. In addition to new features development and integration, which significantly improve Safe adoption.
  • Robust solution: we also found this solution more like a Demo or Sandbox - Terms, Privacy and Licenses links are not clickable. Helpdesk is not working as well, so legally this is a grey solution. But apart from legal, based on our experience (we do have a sandbox for illustration purposes), the infrastructure behind it is not reliable, so traffic peaks may lead to accessibility issues. All Safes deployed and published by our team are always legally correct and the DevOps team constantly monitors the load and is ready to scale it on the fly.

Regarding XDC pull requests and commits - mostly they are related to Safe contracts (mentioned PR is a minor improvement, however, there is a list of valuable PRs made by Ruslan Wing -, which made possible to deploy Safe on XDC).

We don't include this part in our proposal (marked as done), but it's important to understand that smart contracts stuff is only a part of deployment (usually takes 10-30% of effort). The biggest part of the work is setting up a reliable and scalable infrastructure, deploying BE and FE components, and configuring them together. In addition, as a part of our normal approach - we enable features (such as WalletConnect, XDCPay, and basic Safe Apps), and we prepare all branding & legal requirements.

As for being added to Safe. Global - Gnosis Safe team has a very limited capacity, so they cannot add XDC officially now to their UI. Here is their comment -, so they suggested Safe deployment on XDC to us, however, we consider this XDC deployment as a first step - we will prepare infrastructure and the whole setup according to Safe team requirements, so it will take hours to take control of XDC safe and add it to the canonical UI, once they are ready.

In short: we suggest a Safe deployment with a very transparent pricing (payment for real dev hours) and further, support & maintenance by the team, totally dedicated and experienced with this type of work, at the same time, the XDC team can focus on some other tasks; the whole XinFin ecosystem can efficiently grow in this very competitive time.

We hope we answered your questions!