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Extend explorer API page size limit

I am using following explorer API to get token transaction.

However, due to API limitation on numbers of lines per page to only 50 it makes it harder to automate some processes using basic spreadsheet json import API options.
Ask: could this limit be expanded to a larger number say 1000

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BlocksScan • Edited on


Thank you for your requirements, I would like to inform you that we have increased limit from 50 to 1000 for token-txs API.

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samsam Author

That is awesome, thank you very much.

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samsam Author • Edited on

I just did a quick test with 1000, on that page, and i get a response limiting to 100 instead of 1000. Can you please check again? I see that that web page says limit 1000 correctly as expected buy APi may be restricting to 100 imo.
Response Body:
"total": 270,
"perPage": 100,
"currentPage": 1,
"pages": 3,
"items": [