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Discussion on: Setting Up an RPC Node Server for Your DApp on XDC Network: A Comprehensive Guide

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Great post @ruslan_wing Thanks.
What are the ports for TLS/SSL? As far as I understand 8989 and 8888 are non-TLS/SSL ports. If you could add some pointers that would be great, because anyway we shouldn't be using non-TLS channel for security and privacy.

Also, related question. I have seen posting saying you need to keep few ports (3030x) to get better peer rate, but I am running node for 2-3 months now, and all ports are intentionally blocked from outside-in, but peers have been as good as for most of the best nodes at 18 peers.
Again from security stand-point, if it can get equally good peer numbers, should the recommendation instead be to secure the network by not opening unnecessary ports. Thoughts?

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Olukayode Simeon

I need a working xdc rpc

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ruslan wing Author

Please check out the working RPC on Main-Net and Apothem Network


Apothem Network