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Discussion on: DaoFin Draft: Decentralizing XDC’s Ecosystem Development

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Excellent work #WeAreXDC team!! Very well thought out proposal.
There is a lot to digest and read through few times before further feedback.
Few quick comments in the mean time.

  1. I agree with Sal on having more representation in Judiciary and include one from each of the current projects that are primarily XDC Network based.
  2. I am not sure I understand the rationale for this clause because we are suppose to be open DAO and why would this a necessity. I must be missing something. "Judiciary Committee members shall not invest in any projects seeking or receiving grant funding from the ecosystem development fund."
  3. I can understand the rationale behind this next clause, but ho would the work out in reality? Because those who have been enthusiastic on XDC Network have invested in many of XDC projects and will continue to invest. So, finding a Judiciary committee member not interested in x,y,z but at the same time have enough interest in XDC eco-system would be an interesting challenge. Here is my thought as a compromise. Member need to disclose which of XDC projects they have investment interests, and make them obligated to recuse from voting on specific governance resolutions on individual case by case. I guess I need re-read few times :)

Again, great work. Now I am even more excited to be part of this great XDC community. Lets go #WeAreXDC !!! (I will refrain from adding "to the moon" lol).

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Thanks for the comments! The conflict of interest stuff is a challenge. Here's how we're thinking it'll play out: yes, since judiciary members will likely already have investments in various layer 2s on XDC already, prior to joining the committee, they'll have to disclose their financial interests to the founders and recuse themselves from cases in which there's a conflict of interest. It's okay to have prior investments in layer 2s, on this draft, but, once they're on the committee, new investments will be forbidden. It's a bit like being an investment banker, where, if you're working for a big brokerage firm, you're limited in how you personally invest by law. So judiciary members, once they've signed on to the job, should not be making new investments that might create real or even apparent conflicts of interest.