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Discussion on: DaoFin Draft: Decentralizing XDC’s Ecosystem Development

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Ravikumar J

Excited to see this Well thought out praposal, it might have taken a great effort and experience to bring this draft praposal for till voting.

Is there any chance that a praposal goes for pre screening before it's put for voting on the DAO. mean to say first of all "should we consider this praposal for voting" to check for the ethical, selfish goal oriented and effectiveness of the praposal so that it will not harm the XDC ecosystem in future in a wrong way?

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Great suggestion. The problem with doing something like this is you end up taking too much power away from the community. Whoever does the pre-screening is going to have a ton of power, and will probably be able to wield it unaccountably and without transparency. That said, the current system is designed to make it hard for high value proposals to pass. High value proposals need a lot of support from multiple branches of the government, and, given that the judiciary will do due diligence and publish reports and feedback for the larger community to review, I think there's very little risk that bad actors will get any funding. In fact, the downside of this system - and of all divided government, in politics too - is that it's harder to get things done because there are so many interest groups and diverse bodies involved in decision making.