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[Hackathon] MediChain Dimo Hacks VIT AP- Team Alpha

The healthcare industry faces significant challenges, including fragmented patient records, data breaches, lack of transparency, and inefficiencies in healthcare delivery. Patients often struggle to access their complete medical history, leading to duplicated tests, delayed diagnoses, and suboptimal treatment outcomes. Healthcare providers grapple with siloed information, hindering collaboration and creating administrative burdens. Additionally, the lack of a secure and transparent system leaves patient data vulnerable to breaches and misuse.

MediChain introduces a groundbreaking solution to revolutionize healthcare management through decentralization and blockchain technology. Our platform empowers patients by giving them full ownership and control over their medical data, enabling seamless, secure, and transparent access to their complete health records. By leveraging blockchain's immutable ledger, we ensure data integrity, privacy, and security while facilitating efficient communication and collaboration among healthcare providers.

The Project's Repo - Github Repo Link

Demo Video (LOOM)

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