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Discussion on: Issue with running master node on XDC private network setup

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Poonam Singh Author • Edited on

Hello ruslan wing

Actually I am creating genesis again ./puppeth command but only one masternode is being set in this, I am sending you screenshot please tell me how to set three masternode while creating genesis
kindly check and update me

INFO [02-03|16:10:23] Administering Ethereum network name=xdcchain
WARN [02-03|16:10:23] No previous configurations found path=/home/ubantu/.puppeth/xdcchain

What would you like to do? (default = stats)

  1. Show network stats
  2. Configure new genesis
  3. Track new remote server
  4. Deploy network components > 2

Which consensus engine to use? (default = XDPoS)

  1. Ethash - proof-of-work
  2. Clique - proof-of-authority
  3. XDPoS - delegated-proof-of-stake > 3

How many seconds should blocks take? (default = 2)


How many Ethers should be rewarded to masternode? (default = 10)


Who own the first masternodes? (mandatory)