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How a Plugin Node Reputation is calculated?

The HIGH Reputation of a node is very critical to strengthening our Plugin Oracle Network, hence it is the prime responsibility of every node operator to periodically review their node health by ensuring high time availability.

Plugin Node Reputation is calculated based on the following metrics

  • 24/7 Node Availability
  • Keeping Plugin Node and External Initiator Running all the time so as to listen to the events
  • Response time for the oracle service
  • Data Quality(if node operators act as a data feed provider)
  • Data Integrity

To start with, we are measuring 24/7 Node availability by periodically pinging the nodes and it will be once a day. So every node will go through this audit on daily basis and the stats will be captured.

Reputation will be calculated based on the number of days a node is up for a month. So monthly reputation along with cumulative reputation will be shown to the node operators.

If you see "0" in your reputation, either your node is newly approved or your node is down and not responding to our audit job.

If your node is newly approved, you can see your reputation from the very next day only. So no action is required from your end.

If your node is running for a long time and you see "0", would suggest you review the server and see if anything is blocking the audit job to review the metrics.

As a node operator, it is very important to keep your server healthy by periodically reviewing it and ensuring high time availability. The Plugin Team, strongly believe that reputation will help every node operator to stay on top of their node service.

Please visit the following link for detailed information.

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