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Peter Stewart

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[Informative] Ankr - XDC Mainnet + Testnet Integration

Hi all,

This is Peter Stewart, head of infrastructure at Ankr, as you may be aware we have just integrated the XDC mainnet and testnet chains for RPC on which can be accessed at the following URLs:

You can access this for free right now using the above urls, and if you sign up for our 'freemium' account (no payment necessary to do so) you get higher rate limits at no charge.

If your requirements go beyond even those rate limits, there are both Premium Pay-As-You-Go and also Enterprise service tiers at very competitive prices.

We have both archive and full nodes, geographically distributed to service the major locations of the US East/West coasts, Asia and Europe and further expansion will be performed if the traffic demands it.

We are very interested in your feedback using the service, we want to ensure it is a seamless choice between any other services and our own so if you encounter any issues please feedback in this thread so we can address them.

If you need more dedicated support, particularly with any technical or billing issues if you signup for a paid plan (please do not share your API key in this thread) please use our dedicated support ticket service at

A big thanks and shoutout to the XDC Foundation and supporting partners who helped us get it all up and running, look forward to hearing from you all :)


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