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Moving XDC from Bitrue to Ledger Nano X

The address that my Ledger/myetheriumwallet/metamask Wallet, gives me is an Etherium address and Bitrue is looking for an XDC Network address. How can you move XDC safely without an XDC Network address if that is the only option given by Bitrue to send XDC? Is there a way to do it with an Etherium Address by changing something in the address, and will it move to the Ledger Wallet without issue if you change some characters in the address?

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ruslan wing

You will have to change the address format of ETH address from 0x to xdc if your metamask address is 0xA21743d023b300475Af0B9A51877A6A734307fA6 the with xdc prefix it will be xdcA21743d023b300475Af0B9A51877A6A734307fA6 and with the xdc prefix address you will be able to withdrawal your token

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Pete Hillard Author

Thank you so much Ruslan, I really appreciate it.

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