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XinFinScan XDC

Maybe someone can help... I tried to transfer some XDC from Lbank to UPHOLD, never made it. Guess i messed it up and UPHOLD says you cant due to a Tier 4 issue, whatever that means. So, it ends up on this XinFinScan XDC and found this place via searching around on it.

Is there anything i can do to get it back? It went somewhere. Let me know, thanks.

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Jon McBee

Currently XDC is listed as a Tier 4 asset on uphold, meaning that you can buy and sell XDC on Uphold but you cannot deposit XDC to your Uphold account or withdraw XDC from you Uphold account. You can't access an XDC address through your Uphold account, so I don't know how you got an XDC address at Uphold to send your transaction to. Can you post the transaction hash for your transaction?

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While initiating Asset Transfer you need to make sure the recipient's address as it might get difficult to get it back, Can you share txhash here.