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[Informative] XDC in Tangem

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We're delighted to announce that the $XDC and all 13 tokens built on the XDC Network protocol are now available in Tangem. 🥳

Send, receive, swap, and store these assets easily and safely with your Tangem Wallet! Just update the Tangem app and you are all set.

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Nadar Suresh

Thank you @ogogokirill

List of the supported #XRC20 tokens so far on Tangem Wallet:
XDC Network (XDC)

Ecoin (ECOIN)
Globiance Exchange (GBEX)

StorX (SRX)
Comtech Gold (CGO)

Law Blocks (LBT)
XSwap Protocol (XSP)

BlocksWorkz (BLKZ)
Fathom Dollar (FXD)

IceCreamSwap (ICE)
Prime Numbers (PRNT)

Wrapped XDC (WXDC)
XSwap Treasure (XTT)

If you want a Tangem wallet, we have a discount for the XDC Community: Use code XDC10 for a 10% discount on Tangem wallet purchases.

👉 Check it out here:

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Will tangem support other XRC20 tokens as well which aren't there in the published list?