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[Hackverse] Decentrailzed Password Protection - Graphical Password Generator

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GlyphGraph - Secure Web3 based Password Generator.

Due to rapid growth of cyber crimes there is an increase in the number of password randomizers and generators. GlyphGraph uniquely comes up with a solution of password generators using Graphical Password Generation.


  • Increased Security: By leveraging Solidity smart contracts, Glyph Guard can offer a more secure login experience compared to traditional passwords.
  • Improved Transparency: The use of blockchain technology through smart contracts can potentially offer greater transparency in how your login credentials are stored and managed.


The main challenge which we faced while building this app is the intergration of graphical password generator with efficient random password generation with no loss of complexity in the user's experience.

Tech Stack Used

Blockchain Based: Solidity, XDC Network, hardhat
Programming Languages: TypeScript, Javascript, Node.js, Solidity, Python


The repositories publicly available in the GitHub organization of GlyphGraph:



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Team Members Profiles:

XDC Wallet Address:

Note: The mentioned account is used in the testnet only.

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