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Error Revert statements not working consistently

Hi devs,
I would like to share a issue / bug on the XDC network which is related to the Revert / Require statements and how it behaves based on the RPC being used, wallets being used.

You can understand about this issue by reading the github issue created by another dev.

Also look into this comment of how it behaves on Remix when an error occurs while using XDCPay vs Metamask.

You can also check about how All the wallets behave differently for an error in one of my previous post.

I think the goal should be to provide consistent error strings and handling revert / requires irrespective of RPC's or wallets being used.

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Hello @username
We hope that the above issue is resolved, if the issue still persists then please let us know about it so that the team can resolve it on priority. It will be grateful to get an update within 72 hours or else it will be considered resolved.
Thank You.

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Mitali_BlocksScan • Edited on

Hello @ncode
Please try with XDCPay 2.0, Hope it will work for you with
Please refer to the link below.