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From the past 2 years the world is enduring with Coronavirus. In these 2 years we can see a significant number of individuals in universities or workplaces or any working environment submitting counterfeit reports and other health records inorder to get some benefits. So the vast majority of miscommunication in the medical services area happens because of altering clinical records by unauthorized peoples that prompts absence of integrity. so inorder to beat this large number of issues we want to give the upgraded security to the health records.So Blockchain technology can assist in the health care solutions with caring arrangements and can give security to the records where the Clinical exchange history put away in a distributed ledger to achieve the transparency among the patient , doctor, clinic, drug store and laboratory. Using the blockchain in the project Automates verification of medical adherence and ensures patient data integrity and provenance. our application provides the ultimate transparency and revolutionizes the field of healthcare, keeping the transaction records and medical history in see-through , shared databases, where they are protected from deletion and modification. Also, It adequate the patients care and health facilities and furthermore it is utilized for the data gathering structure from different system which can help the doctor.

How we built it

Ethereum's smart contracts: We utilize Ethereum's smart contracts to construct the contracts to contain metadata about the record ownership and the permissions on the particular record and data integrity. The blockchain transactions in our framework convey cryptographically marked guidelines to deal with these properties. we also trying to store the representations of existing medical records within individual nodes on the network using Ethereum's smart contracts.

Dapp: we are using Dapp(decentralized app) that stores its source code on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. This implies that allowing users to interact directly with one another which reduces the chances of error and fraud by making the platform’s source code and transactions available to the public. The main purpose to choose the dapp for implementation of our application is to Enhanced the Security.

Challenges we ran into

The patients are commonly choosing different doctors from different hospitals. The availability and secured access to medical record history is a challenge.

Example: Due to some reason patient visit XYZ hospital, The hospital asked patient to bring his/her record file from previous hospitals. Now patient has to request the previous hospital to get the copy of his medical history record. If the both hospitals have health information exchange system, patient has to request for sharing of his/her health information of previous hospital to present hospital. These exchange methods are time consuming and cost extra money and creates the issues in security and confidentiality.

What we learned

Blockchain Technology can possibly change medical services, setting the patient at the focal point of the medical care biological system and expanding the security, protection, and interoperability of information. This innovation could give another model to health information exchanges (HIE) by making electronic clinical records more proficient, disintermediated, and secure. While it's anything but a panacea, this new, quickly developing field gives ripe ground to trial and error, speculation, and confirmation of-idea testing.

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