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XDC Network Takes Center Stage at ETHDubai 2023 with Impressive Ecosystem and Keynote Speakers.

The recent ETHDubai event was a fantastic showcase of XDC Network's capabilities and potential. Developers were impressed by the network's security, scalability, and fast transaction speeds, making it an attractive option for building blockchain solutions.

Developers at ETHDubai were interested to learn more about XDC Network's secure and scalable Network, also looking forward to building on XDC to experience the fastest network with near zero gas fees - all while being EVM compatible.

XDC Network is growing strong with its ecosystem. Few of our ecosystems namely Fathom, Plugin (PLI), Impel, StorX (SRX), Comtech Gold (CGO), LedgerFi (LFT), XVC Tech joined us and educated the developers about their product at ETHDubai.

Here below are some of the notable events in ETHDubai by XDC Network.

Ritesh at ETHDubai



  • XDC announced $10,000 bounty in Online Hackathon by ETHDubai for developers who deploy on XDC Network or any of the layer2 (Stay tuned to see who wins!)


XDC Network Ecosystems also got a chance to present at EthDubai2023!

  1. Troy S. Wood, Founder of Impel, spoke about how blockchain technology can be used to deliver financial messaging. Watch here:

  2. Jignesh Ved, Co-Founder of Comtech Gold, spoke about tokenizing gold on XDCNetwork. Watch here:

  3. Karthick Gnanasekaran, Blockchain Specialist of Plugin (PLI), spoke about the secure, scalable decentralized Oracle on XDCNetwork. Watch here:

Thanks to all the teams involved and supported to make this happen.

Looking forward to seeing you again next year!👋

Till then "Discover the Network of Possibilities" ->

For any technical discussion with developers around the globe post on XDC Network forum -> XDC.Dev

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