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Discussion on: Tokenize Rare Earth Elements Trading

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Salomon Morales • Edited on

Hi Phillip,
Thank you for interest on the XDC Network to build your project or vision. The purpose of this site is to collaborate with developers and to propose building something that requires funding, sharing issues with building dapps etc. Your message implies that you are searching for someone to build this for you. If that's the case, you need to find those developers that can build this for you. Once you have a business plan/devs that will build this for you etc, then you can post your detailed proposal here for the entire XDC Community to vote on, if you require funding for it. Anyone is welcome to build on the XDC Network as it is open source, EVM compatible chain with very low transaction fees, very secure and scalable.

I hope this clarifies your questions and I wish you the best on your project!

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