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.xdc domains

I faced with a little problem recently

I saw there is 2 domain registration website for .xdc and noticed there is 3rd one coming soon !

But technically because .xdc domains is nft and nfts are non-fungible so one domain point to one only address in xdc blockchain

But now i registered some domain in one of them and the other site says those domains belong to another address

How this is possible?

Maybe one of them is scam project!

Please clear this so people dont lose their xdc on scam projects

( has verified contract : )


which one is legit ? i registered some domains in :

I want to know what happens to my domains and my xdc spent on those domains !

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XDC Web3 Domains

I from You can check more information about us:




Contract verified and project information: logo, website, twitter:

Full NFT support on Blocksscan and Dcent Wallet:

Already have over 3000 domains and owners.

Please see and judge for yourself, and you can understand that there will be many projects solving the same problem and the one that does well will be recognized. Best regards!

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morgoth Author

thank you for your information but i need an answer from team that whats happen for domains registered at - do i scammed here or i will be the owner of registered domains thanks.