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[Informative] Plugin's Monthly Report for October

Empower your algorithms, elevate your ambitions, and script your triumph.

We begin with the updates of October month :-

  1. We're excited to share the fantastic news that our Plugin Decentralized #Oracle has successfully activated VRF functionality, marking a significant achievement. This development paves the way for a multitude of fresh opportunities for developers. With VRF, you can now construct blockchain applications that are genuinely equitable and transparent, all thanks to the incorporation of random number generation. Here's a glimpse of the possibilities at your fingertips with our VRF functionality - Craft verifiably fair games, Generate unique NFTs, Integrate decentralized escrow services and Pioneer innovative financial applications. We can't wait to witness the innovative applications you'll create using our VRF functionality!"
  2. Major Milestone Alert! 📢 We're thrilled to unveil our revolutionary Price Feed feature in #Plugin 2.0 🛡🌐📊 With real-time, accurate price data, our #Oracle empowers DeFi, NFTs, and more! Say goodbye to data manipulation and hello to trustworthiness. Contract invocation and assimilation of price from multiple data sources are made available. Don't miss out on this game-changing development. Learn more today:🔗
  3. Team Plugin had an enjoyable and enlightening experience at the Future Blockchain Summit GITEX 2023 in Dubai. The event provided valuable insights into the latest technological trends, making it an incredible experience with a plethora of fascinating opportunities. We're eagerly anticipating what the coming year holds in store.
  4. We continue to actively seek individuals with a solid understanding of Solidity, the XDC Blockchain protocol, and Golang 🧑‍💻. If you're interested in remote participation and contributing as a community contributor, we'd love to have you on board 🌎"
  5. Plugin is excited to introduce the PLI Hackathon 2.0 on the XDC network, where the fusion of innovation and competition takes center stage in a unique environment tailored exclusively for students. The event is happening in Chennai, India. And we are encouraging students from all over Chennai to apply and participate.
  6. We have updated docs.goplugin website with Plugin 2.0 installation steps, which will be released to our discord moderators very soon.
  7. Suvik Star of the Month award was awarded to Jurjees Ahamed and Nazreen Manzoor.

Riddle for this month -❓-How does blockchain ensure a transparent and unalterable record of every step in the supply chain in the agricultural sector?
Answer in the comments section and Plugin team will be giving you a shout out in the next months post and the monthly newsletter.

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We want to thank our community once more for continuing to support us in our endeavors.

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