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Meghana Jibin Nambiar
Meghana Jibin Nambiar

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Hundreds of tickets resolved, maintaining pending tickets in single digit.

"The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible"

I would like to start this article by sharing that we have successfully resolved a total of 695 tickets keeping the open tickets in single digits.

Plugin team is geared to welcome the new year with the launch of the 4th version of the change logs which has exciting information about the launch of new Dapps as part of our ongoing and upcoming projects. The change log includes updates on yield farming, addition of feeds on our Data Feed Platform, building the restaking model and addition of use cases like the Crypto Compare pricing index.

We are developing use cases to enhance our ticketing platform, which will compile escalated tickets and inform the members about critical events. The FAQs of frequent tickets will be up on by next week.

Plugin Team continues to extend support to our users on discord and has built an amazing community that supports and overcomes the challenges together.

Coming to the tickets SLA Metrics for this week (8th - 16th December) are:-

Ticket Metrics

Total number of tickets this week - 16
Total number of solved tickets this week - 10
Total number of in-progress tickets this week - 6

We are posting the ticket metrics every Friday.

Feel free to leave your comment/feedback here.!

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