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Soh Wan Wei

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Build Your Dream & Profitable Business: XinFin x W3bverse Scholarship Proposal

Dear XinFin Community,

I am writing to submit a scholarship grant proposal on behalf of W3bverse (, a Web3 academy incubated by Blockchain Founders’ Group.

We are excited to propose a collaboration that aims to increase the development of strong and sustainable Web3.0 business use cases on the XinFin Blockchain. Please also find our XinFin x W3bverse presentation deck here.

Executive Summary

Collaboration: Increasing Actual Business Use Cases on XinFin Blockchain through W3b Launch School

Introduction: is a leading Web3 academy dedicated to nurturing talent and driving innovation in the blockchain space.

As a part of our commitment to the blockchain ecosystem, we propose a collaboration to identify, onboard, and empower ten Web2 businesses, founders, and freelancers to realize their entrepreneurial visions on the XinFin Blockchain & Ecosystem.

Project Description:
Our primary vehicle for achieving this goal is our signature program, W3b Launch School.

This 10-week online program is designed to equip participants with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to develop and launch their blockchain-based businesses on XinFin.

By offering a structured curriculum, mentorship, and access to industry experts, we aim to accelerate the adoption of XinFin Blockchain among current Web2.0 entrepreneurs and businesses.

What's In It for XinFin:

  • Increase use cases and fund 10 talented and aspiring Web3.0 entrepreneurs, to empower them to build their dream and profitable businesses on XinFin blockchain.

W3bverse will source for the best entrepreneurs with and for XinFin to increase their chances for success of building a sustainable and profitable Web3.0 project in XinFin Ecosystem.

XinFin may also choose to set the criteria for and jointly select these 10 entrepreneurs with W3bverse.

All scholarship recipients will sign a contract to ensure that they build on the XinFin blockchain upon graduation.

  • Establish XinFin-Branded Modules, Achieve Positive PR and Increased Brand Awareness.

W3bverse will include bonus XinFin-branded modules in our launch school programme. Sponsoring scholarships demonstrates XinFin’s commitment to the growth of the blockchain space, enhancing XinFin’s brand image and generating positive PR in the Web3 and blockchain space.

  • Increase Win-win Collaborations and Sustainable Use Cases in XinFin Ecosystem

Outside of their Web3.0 projects and businesses, all scholarship graduates will be equipped with the skills and knowledge about the XinFin blockchain and Ecosystem.

They can then be excellent candidates for hire in XinFin. XinFin will also receive a report on the 10 scholarship recipients upon their graduation, on potential areas of future collaboration.

To successfully execute this project, we are seeking USD$50,000 in grant funding. XinFin will also receive all applicants' resumes and submitted data, expected at >80 qualified candidates.

The budget will be allocated to sourcing for qualified Web2.0 scholarship applicants, W3bverse Academy Programme Fees for the selected ten entrepreneurs, marketing, PR and outreach, and administrative expenses.


  • Sourcing for and Interviewing qualified Web2 candidates (Businesses, Founders & Freelancers): Early October '23

  • 10-week W3b Launch School: Mid October - Early December '23

  • Project Evaluation and Reporting: Mid December '23

We are excited about the potential impact of this collaborative project and the opportunity to strengthen the XinFin Blockchain ecosystem.

By joining forces, we can empower businesses and entrepreneurs to harness the potential of blockchain technology and contribute to its growth and adoption in XinFin Ecosystem.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the possibility of working together and making a meaningful difference in Web3.0.


Wan Wei
Lifelong Fan of Atul & Ritesh

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