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Martin XDC Sweden
Martin XDC Sweden

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[Proposal] Proposal for Enhancing Liquidity of xETH/XDC on XSwap

Securing XDC pairs on Bitrue is a significant advancement. However, establishing deep liquidity for xETH on the XSwap platform is crucial for the future of the XDC Network. This step is essential to attract Ethereum "whales" who can benefit from our network’s speed and near-zero gas fees when trading xrc-20 assets.

To achieve this, I propose that the XDC Foundation sets up a $100,000 liquidity pool for xETH/XDC on XSwap. Additionally, it is important to introduce an attractive year-long farming program that offers a competitive annual percentage yield (APY). This would not only encourage community participation in farming activities but also strengthen the network’s position as an interoperable and accessible solution for users from the Ethereum network.

By enhancing the xETH liquidity pool, we facilitate a smoother transition for ETH holders into the XDC ecosystem. We look forward to support from XinFin Official to ease this transition.

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That’s good idea.