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Discussion on: DaoFin Draft: Decentralizing XDC’s Ecosystem Development

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lola Lola

Lolasa (lolaiza jende)

The most vested in this projects are gonna be the judicial committee. I feel like those are the ones that are going to vote with the XDC vision in mind. I've read everybody's comments, but it seems like some are getting off track as to what the DAO is trying to accomplish. The DAO. Is wanting to make best use of the treasury funds. And Use Them in a new decision making model that is decentralized. They are not. Changing the dpos protocol. They are not changing how xdc functions. They are only changing how the projects gets funded. And increasing transparency. Removing. The risk of of centralizatiin in how. Projects are funded. Some projects to be decided on are called Xip. Means xdc improvement proposals. Which is what ethereum already has : Eip. The goal of this DAO is to get evm devs and projects to develop and grow. Xdc ecosystem . To have incentives in improving infrastructure. Improving. Tools. Increasing devs power. Increasing utilty projects. And not redundant projects . As has been spoken before ethereum has large following of devs because of tools ,Infrastructure and community. That is what xdc is missing . Having the treasury. In a smart contract is not what the a priority for the DAO. That is waste resources at this moment of decision making . To have an increase in momentum we need have increase in finacial incentives for devs. Betters tools. More support. For infrastructure . I really like the judicial structure. With the 7-10 members. To decrease risk plutocracy. The judicial members have high regard for keeping the best practices for xdc ecosystem. And in particular layer 1 projects. And the. Judicial members can be changed maybe every 2 years . And agree. With having two standby in case there is conflict of interest. The conflict if interest has to be outlined. As much as possible

Would it be an overeach to try and incorporate the senate ( node owners) And the house which are ( xdc community in general)??

I am not sure. And i am not convinced. How much participation the house would actually provide at this time. There is still. Lot knowledge deficit in xdc general community . I am not sure they would understand all the terminology to make. Best decision . Several newcomers dont know the logistics of even Voting Maybe those branches could be incorporated. Later on once the judicial has been firmly established ?

If. House voting is incorporated. Then it is needed that they stake. Their vote one month before The quarterly decisions are made to avoid spammers and manipulation of voting at the last minute . No laggards. We want. Xdc holders who have made. A firm decision not last minute . If. House is incorporated in future. The voting has to incorporate our holders that are very educated but can not afford 100k. Xdc to make a vote. Although i do not know the exact solution to this .

If the senate is incorporated into the Dao ? What does that mean for. Staking . Do the node holder actually lose. Staking rewards for voting ? Is there a large portion of node holders that are business and have no intentions on voting. For example exchanges (bitrue kucoin or. Other enities that have nodes . And are only wanting rewards. Have no intention of ever voting ? How does. A vote look like when it comes. From nodes that are shared node holders. Who decides in the vote ?

I will go with whatever decisions are made. But. I was so surprised at the. Statistics that have been given . We as community need to be more involved. And have more knowledge as to how this ecosystem works . Several have no clue about these commitees. Ethereum has at least 5000 devs From what i understand. Xdc. Has 500x less. Correct me if I misunderstood . Thus the importance Of this this community decision.