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What Mediation is and how Virtual Mediation is done on Law Blocks.

In Mediation, a neutral third party, a mediator, tries to facilitate negotiations between the disputing parties. Typically, a mediation will follow the same general agenda.
First, the parties will meet together with the mediator through virtual connect, and everyone is given an opportunity to introduce themselves and explain their complaints. The mediator will then usually break up the parties so they can meet with them individually, and understand their difficulty.
At this point, the mediator will normally try to understand each sides of the problem. better while simultaneously understanding any weaknesses in their cases. To make the parties recognize the benefit of coming together to a settlement rather than proceeding in any Court.
After some discussion, the mediator will see what terms one party wishes to offer the other and then meet with the other party to convey this offer. This back and forth will usually continue until the parties come to an agreement or until it becomes apparent that no resolution is possible. If a settlement is reached it is loaded on the law Blocks and both the parties sign in cryptographically. If a party violates the settlement, it will give rise to a cause of action for breach of contract. If no settlement is achieved, the mediator will declare an impasse, and the case can proceed to other option of settlement through Expert Legal Arbitrators.
Law Blocks help to take this mediation process online through our global legal community. The final legal contract will record on XDC Network's blockchain, and users will settle the platform and lawyer fees in LBT token (XRC20 Token). The community can buy LBT on for now and on many more leading exchanges shortly.
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