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Learn How to get started with LawBlocks Application.

What is LawBlocks?

Law Blocks is a one window blockchain-based ecosystem for creating, and keeping records of contracts / Document and solving disputes providing unbiased, swift & affordable resolutions. The Law Blocks Platform allows business to be done faster with almost zero risk, lower costs, and better experiences for customers, partners, and employees.

Law Block is a user-friendly, time-saving, community-driven, smart legal contract-based platform for creating legal documents on blockchain technology and e-sign cryptographically. Legal documents such as Agreements, Power of Attorney, Business Contracts, Declarations, Affidavits, Memorandum of Understanding, etc., are subject to the individual following the prevailing laws in the country in which it has to be applicable. Also, subject to the individual’s process of ensuring the validity of those documents in accordance with the law.

The platform is absolutely free to upload your contracts on the Law Blocks platform, e-sign documents cryptographically and store them on XDC Blockchain Network. The Fees to legal professionals will be applied to use the established legal contract templates created by international legal professionals. To ensure that there are no currency restrictions between the worldwide community and the Law Blocks platform, the entire ecosystem is powered by LBT.

Law Blocks allows users to easily create and compose Smart Legal Contracts or documents from scratch or use ready-made templates in just three steps.

Step 1: CREATE
Choose a customizable template or start composing a unique contract / document from scratch. Upload a word document to the LawBlocks platform
Document generation, and collaboration, are in an easy to use solution that automates your contract processes, organizes your contracts and gets teams working on the same page for absolutely free. Law Blocks is a fast, secure, easy and affordable way to get started with Contract Lifecycle Management on a decentralised platform. Insert clauses and send notifications to the other party to agree on individual clauses.

Digitally pay and e-sign with the other party to activate the contract.
Law Blocks is at its early stage of Adoption, and we are committed to growing our platform with the suggestions from the global legal community.
Visit Website -

LawBlocks Application link -
Step I: Sign up your account on the LawBlocks application with a single click on continue with google.

Step II: Now you will be redirected to this following page (Refer to the screenshot below mentioned).
You then need to select the google account you wish to continue with and proceed further.

Step III: After signing up with your google account, it will then redirect you to XDC Pay. If your XDC pay is already there, then you need to select the option "Setup XDC Pay". If you don't have a wallet, you need to create a new one.

Step IV: Once the wallet is successfully created, you need to go back to the website and refresh the page.
Once the page is refreshed you'll be able to see the page as mentioned below in the screenshot.

Step V: As you can see, there are three options available i.e Saved Drafts, Uploaded Document and Shared Contract.
Upload the document or legal contract by a click on the button (Click here to upload file).

Step I: After clicking on the upload button, select the contract you wish to upload.
Once the document is uploaded, users can either save it as a draft to share with other members involved to edit or can upload the document to the blockchain and e-sign cryptographically. Make sure that the document that you upload should be in docx format.

Step II: Once you upload the document, select the Sign Option on XDC Pay to sign the document cryptographically.

Step III: After Clicking on Sign Option, You'll get to see another popup wherein you need to confirm your transaction.

Step IV: Once you confirm your transaction, Your document has been successfully uploaded in the XDC Network blockchain.

Step VI-V: Once you click on view, It will take you to the Transaction window wherein all the data such as Transaction id, Receipt, Value, Etc is present.

Steps to Follow in the Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Step VII: Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) the user can share the document with the members involved in the agreement.
First the user needs to Upload the document, they will get an option to share it as shown below in screenshot.

Step VIII: Once clicked on share, you'll get an option to add a new email with whom you wish to share for review or edit of document in the LawBlocks application for CLM.

Step IX: After Selecting the sharing option. Mention the email id and click on "Send".

Step X: Once Sent, the draft has been successfully shared.

Step XI: After clicking on view, you get an option to either update the draft or to upload a contract. If you wish to make changes in the document, select the "Update Draft" option or else proceed with "Upload Contract" if you don't want to make any further changes.
After uploading the contract, follow Steps VI-I to VI-V.

Step XII: Make the changes you wish to do and click on "Update Draft".

Step XIII: Once done, you'll get a message stating your draft has been edited successfully.

Step XIV: Once the changes have been made successfully, when you click on view, you get all the revised versions of the document.
It states the changes that have been made and by whom and all the changes have been highlighted if any content has been deleted, it has been highlighted in Red whereas if any content has been added to the document, the changes have been highlighted in Green.

Step XV: Once you see the revised version, you can then upload the document that is revised directly on the blockchain and e-sign the document cryptographically.
Law Blocks unites you with legal teams, parties, and arbitrators in an end-to-end & easy-to-use digital arbitration platform. It helps you to cut all the unnecessary steps that make common contracts and agreements, which make procedures long and expensive. We welcome you all to explore our platform and use it for your contract lifecycle management for free. Let's take the CLM from web2 to web3 bringing more security and simplicity to use in our daily life without any cost.

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