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[Informative] ETH New York Hackathon

More than a week ago we wrapped up an eventful week that included a presence at Mainnet and ETH New York. Through ETH Global New York, the XDC Network was able to provide a 10k bounty for its in person hackathon. A team was onsite to educate hackers on the capabilities of the XDC Network and assist them throughout the 3-day event.

Day 1 consisted of developers exploring bounties, attending workshops, and engaging with sponsors to learn more about their technology and ecosystem. This provided an opportunity for us to introduce the network to new developers and attract more development on XDC over the weekend.

On Day 2 the 36-hour clock started ticking. There were some contestants earlier in the day who were still undecided about which chain they were going to build with but mostly everyone was already building. Most of the engagement during this time was with developers needing guidance with their builds, helping them get started, directing them to resources, and answering questions.

By the end of day 2 and beginning of day 3, hackers could be found in every corner of the event with laptops or taking naps anywhere they could find room.

All of the projects submitted at the event were judged and 13 finalists were chosen. One of the thirteen finalists, Air Tracker, built on the XDC Network and also placed 2nd in our 10k prize pool. The developer behind Air Tracker was also a winner at ETH Toronto with the wallet hopper submission. More information on the finalists and winners selected for our bounties has been provided below.


2nd & ETH NYC Finalist
Air Tracker

Safe invaders

Dev Tools category prize
Proof of Something

Money coupons NFT category prize

Best NFT application

Overall the hackathon was very successful. Enthusiasm for the XDC Network is on the rise and the number of submissions we receive increases at every hackathon. Developers from previous events come and visit the booth to talk about their projects, pain points, success stories, and bugs they encounter. This provides valuable insight into what developers are looking for in a place to build and what they need to be successful.

Hackathons will continue to be a focus of our efforts moving forward. Consistently participating in these events has given the XDC Network some of the exposure it will need to become engrained in developer communities. The increasing number of submissions, repeat contestants, and growing interest from developers after these events, are signs that XDC can become a home for many more projects moving forward.

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Robert Aronovici

Such an amazing event! Great experience for new and experienced teams developing a project. Thanks Lance for all you did!