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XIP Proposal: Token Standard

I would like to propose the adoption of an XDC Network Improvement Proposal (XIP) for XRC-20 tokens. My draft XIP is available at

These tokens and the term XRC-20 have been widely used across the XDC community, but there has not been a single source of truth for the XRC-20 standard. Beginners unfamiliar with Ethereum and XDC would have to rely on individual blog posts and videos to understand what XRC-20 is.

Therefore, I have adapted EIP-20 for XDC Network and propose formalizing XRC-20 as a Token Standard. Comments on the pull request are welcome and if you have any questions, we can discuss here on or in the #xip-discussion channel of XDC Community Discord server.

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Phill Menezes

The same reasoning would apply to XRC721. This proposal would set a good starting point to officially document and standardize the term XRC721 as well. I would like to see how this XIP plays out.

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I also agree with you that proof of documentation must be availble for XDC community.
I support XRC-20 documentation so new developer not get confused

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XDC Protocol Team

I am supportive of formalizing the XRC-20 token standard. A list of differences from ERC-20 (if any) will make the life much easier for readers who are familiar with ERC-20. Also, what about merging the EIPs into one single standard?

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Zero King Author

There is no difference in the interface, as pointed out in the XIP document: "XRC-20 interface is fully compatible with ERC-20."

IMHO, each XIP should describe a specific feature, which is a better way to organize content and make it more discoverable.

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Jon McBee

For anyone looking to review the proposed draft XIP, here is a link to the markdown: