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[HackVerse] Empower Your Financial Future with LoanNex: Tailored P2P Lending for Your Needs!

DeFi protocols force users into the same terms (interest rates, less customizability etc..). There aren't that many options for customization based upon specific needs…. until now introcuding LoanNex.

• LoanNex offers a peer-to-peer lending platform, giving you the power to create a tailored solution for your specific needs.
• You have the freedom to select collateral, interest rates, duration, installments, and the crypto asset that aligns with your preferences.
• The platform generates a unique receipt in the form of financial NFTs for both parties involved (lender or borrower).
• This key feature allows you to trade your portion of the agreement on secondary markets.
• This choice opens up a wide range of possibilities, including derivatives, structured products, and the option for users to exit their agreements at market rates.
• Furthermore, since it operates on a peer-to-peer basis without intermediaries, each party has the opportunity to secure a more favorable rate.

How it's made (Tech Stack)
Smart contracts Made with solidity for EVM compatible chains deployed to XDC Apothem Network using hardhat

Frontend Made with react

Future Work
NFTs as Collateral
I plan to integrate P2P NFT Collateralized loans into LoanNex. This addition will enhance the usability and capital efficiency of the protocol, benefiting the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Currently, the Dapp is only deployed on the XDC Test Net. My intention is to make it interoperable with Ethereum and other EVM-based chains, thereby expanding the protocol's overall presence.

Challenges I ran into
Going from brainstorming a new idea to actually building a product in just one day was on it's own challenging. Yet, I successfully navigated it. The primary challenge arose in the frontend development phase. I haven't found anyone to collaborate with on the frontend, As a Solidity developer, making the frontend was a particularly difficult task. However, I somehow managed to get the frontend running locally.

Github Link: Here
Video Demo: Here
Profile: Here
Wallet Address: xdcFcCDEaAE56D42d2A5cF152050f71264f607b6f08 (This is not the address from which the contracts are deployed private key of that wallet has been compromised for the deloyment address please visit projects github).



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