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John Grimsey
John Grimsey

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Tooling request: surface RPC node(s) health


We rely on RPC nodes to work with the XDC and Apothem networks. We can think of them as dependencies of our dapps.

When consuming vendor APIs, it is often quite normal to be able to monitor the health and status of these dependencies. It is most normal in the world of GCP and AWS.

Tooling request

I would like to request the build of some tooling which enables us to monitor the current state of RPC nodes for the XDC and Apothem networks. provides some useful information but it doesn't necessarily contain the latest list of RPC nodes available to use. Support in Discord has been helpful during the Apothem upgrade, but we must rely on the availability of certain users and their knowledge of the current state.

RPC health check endpoints

One good solution would be health endpoints for RPC nodes.

 Aggregate status

Perhaps even better would be a service that always knows about the available RPC nodes for each network. An RPC registry service. This could list all available nodes and their respective health.

This would facilitate the use of a round-robin approach for building app-resilience. It might also aid in handling and surfacing errors to users in a deterministic manner.

Thanks for reading

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Sean • Edited on

I am not that technical but I welcome anything that could boost the network's performance. Though one can always check the status of RPC on but if it lacks something from developer's perspective I 'd surely like some tool getting built to address that gap.

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Raghuram Dharanipathy

Thank you John, for bringing up the tool requirement which is highly needed.