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Herik Rawal

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XDCFLow: No-Code DeFi Automation Platform.


A no-code platform that allows you to respond to complex events happening on-chain automatically execute DeFI and other flows without coding

Making DeFI Programming accessible to Everyone


In recent years we have seen blockchain companies being more focused on improving user experience and making it easier for people to interact with the technology by abstracting the technical layer but there are still certain niche areas where it is very difficult for a non-developer to interact with the blockchain. Once such area is automation. We all know how important contract events are and with many tools and services like the graph which makes it easier and accessible to everyone there still exists a gap of executing an action flow based on those events.


  • Execute transactions automatically when certain constraints are met
  • Create your own business logic in minutes
  • Access to all the subgraphs that are deployed on the graph network
  • Push notifications to yourself when certain events are emitted
  • Swap your tokens automatically cross-chain via the router protocol
  • All the logics you need


XDCFlow is an all in one platform to make your own custom logics just by dragging and dropping the blocks. We have a wide variety of blocks.

Types of Blocks

Common Blocks

  • Logical Blocks : Logical blocks just resolve to true or false by checking certain logic
  • Mathematical Blocks : This blocks are used to compute, change the inputs by using various operators
  • Constant Blocks : Constant blocks provide output without taking any input

Web3 Blocks

  • Graph Blocks : This blocks are used to query various subgraphs or even your own subgraph and take actions on the basis of reults
  • DEX Blocks : This blocks allows you execute trade your XRC20 tokens on DEX, currently we have integrated XSwap Protocol on testnet for various swap, currently swapETHForExactTokens,swapExactTokensForTokens and swapExactTokensForETH are implemented.
  • Telegram Alert Blocks : A telegram alert block is also provided to the user this block can be used to send alert to the users telegram account based on certain events.
  • Contract Call Blocks : This blocks allows users to call various smart-contract functions via transaction and update the state of the smart contract
  • Contract View Blocks: This blocks provide users the functionality to make view calls to the smart-contract
  • Cron Task Jobs : Users can even set routine task via this blocks at particular time intervals
  • Event Listener Blocks : This blocks listen to on-chain events and triggers other blocks based on logic
  • Price Blocks : Gives the price of the XDC and XRC20 tokens

By utilizing this blocks users can leverage the power of automation with zero-coding. The user directly drag and drops all the logic connects the logic and than we parse those logic and execute the logic on the users own backend via the StackOS. We have dockerized our code for parsing and executing the logic so that users don't have to depend upon any centralize services to manage their keys


  • Send price alerts to your telegram directly when the price drops below a certain threshold
  • Execute a swap when liquidity of certain XRC20 token goes below a certain amount
  • DCA everyday into the currency of your choice via the Cron task blocks
  • Send alerts to your telegram whenever a transaction from your wallet occurs
  • Copy the trade of an address automatically

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