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Hamed Fahimi
Hamed Fahimi

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[Issue] blank screen xdcpay

I rejected yesterday a transaction in one of my XDCpay chrome extension wallet and since then I am not able to login to XDCpay. It remains connecting and it seems something in the background running which prevents login, and then I get a blank screen. Tried several times to disable and enable the wallet, reopend the browser and restart the laptop. None of them helped. Is there any way to figure out what would be the problem? appreciate your support.

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archibald -

I've seen this problem persist on Firefox but go away on Chrome, waiting for the next browser update to check if it's related. thanks for the heads up
CTO Egga

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Hey @hamed_fahimi_05d0e26d7228

As Mohit suggested, please clear your browser cache and attempt the action again. If the issue persists, you can utilize the alternative RPC: "" for the XDC Mainnet.

To manually add the XDC Mainnet:

Step 1: Click on the top-left network selector button.
Step 2: Choose "Custom RPC" from the options.
Step 3: Fill in the following fields and save:

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Clear your browser cache once, Restart the browser and then try again