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[Informative] DappRadar|Grant Application for XDC Network Development and Enhancement

I. Applicant Details:

Personal Information:

About You:

Please provide detailed information about yourself and your team. This should include qualifications, resumes, and especially past crypto work experience.

DappRadar is the world's largest dapp store, which has continuously evolved for five years as a hub for blockchain and dapp adoption. Even during the recent bear market, it regularly attracts an average of 820,000 visitors monthly, and reaches over 1.5 million monthly users in favorable market conditions.

DappRadar functions as a dapp discovery portal, providing a gateway for blockchain users to explore and uncover the newest and most popular dapps. One of DappRadar's strengths lies in its dedication to educating visitors about multiple blockchains, including popular ones like ETH, BNB, and Polygon, among others. By providing comprehensive data and insights on dapps and the corresponding blockchain platforms, DappRadar enables developers, investors, and users to make well-informed decisions about every aspect of their blockchain needs, ensuring they stay ahead in this rapidly evolving space.

State if you and your team will be solely dedicated to this project during the active grant period or if you will have other concurrent work obligations.

The initial integration will be a dedicated piece of work. Integrations of DappRadar typically see an engineer work solely on the chain being integrated until completion. Non-typical integrations may see two engineers involved. Once integration work has been completed, code upgrades, maintenance, and troubleshooting is conducted as-needed, in tandem with all other chains that are currently integrated on DappRadar.

III. Grant Application Details:

Grant Category:
Protocol development

Project Description:
Provide a detailed description of your project. Relevant links and materials such as websites, Twitter, GitHub, etc. should be included.

DappRadar, is a comprehensive platform that empowers Web3 users to easily explore and discover new and trending dapps across various product categories. With support for over 54 different blockchains and tracking more than 15,000 dapps, DappRadar has emerged as a central hub for dapp discovery.

Through our platform, users can freely access a wide range of dapps and leverage advanced features for a more informed and enhanced experience. With advanced filtering capabilities, AI-powered NFT valuations, portfolio management tools, and custom alerts based on live blockchain data, the DappRadar community gains an edge in navigating the dynamic world of dapps.

To stay connected with our community and stay up to date with the latest developments, you can visit our website at We also maintain an active presence on Twitter at, where we share updates, news, and insights related to dapps and the blockchain ecosystem.

For more technical information and in-depth details about our project, we invite you to explore our technical documentation and whitepaper available at These resources provide a comprehensive overview of our platform, its features, and the underlying technologies that drive its functionality.

Project Goals and Aspirations:
Explain how, if funded, your project will enhance the XDC Network.

If funded, our project aims to enhance the XDC Network in the following ways:

  1. Attract new users and developers: by integrating on DappRadar, XDC will be featured alongside 50 other chains, allowing DappRadar’s highly specialized audience, as well as its developer community, to discover XDC and its dapps.

  2. Performance comparison: XDC dapp users and developers can compare their performance with others in the industry using DappRadar's rankings.

  3. Increased traffic to dapps: on average DappRadar sends approximately 820,000 users to dapps across all of its integrated dapps.

  4. Media exposure: DappRadar's articles and reports highlighting positive protocol activity have been quoted by top blockchain media, providing additional exposure for XDC and its ecosystem. Here are some recent examples that highlight the growing recognition:

Softbank-Naver joint venture’s NFT unit raises $140 million from Peter Thiel-backed private equity firm

Stan Lee becomes NFT superhero, illustrating a downward shift in prices

State of the blockchain gaming market

Making a move on Ethereum

LINE NEXT receives 200 billion yen to procure

Online gaming has issues that only Web3 can solve

  • BNN Bloomberg

Brooklyn’s crypto-hipster hotspot gears up for an NFT rebound

  • CNBC

Justin Bieber's Bored Ape NFT has lost 95 percent of its value since 2022.

Crypto game developers see adoption from Web2 gaming studio

NFT trading volume hits $1 billion in bullish November market

Web3 gaming gets bull market boost from new launches, says Animoca, Sandbox founders

  • Coindesk

Could Twitter's X revamp signal shift to rise of social DApps?

FriendTech hype sees BASE surpass rival layer-2 blockchains in average transactions per second

Disney does NFTs again in partnership with NBA Top Shot makers Dapper Labs

It's time for Web3 games to embrace 'play and earn'

  • The Block

OKX NFT volume surges past Opensea, Bitcoin Ordinals

Friend tech rival Post Tech activity picks up with $1.8 million in daily volume

FriendTech rival Stars Arena fuels Avalanche transaction surge

  • Naver

Blockchain gaming receives 200 billion won funding


Tech firm Republic taps Avalanche for profit-sharing investment note

Blockchain gaming sees $2.3B in investments year-to-date: report

  • Benzinga / MSN

Blockchain gaming boom uncovered in new report despite bot concerns

Ethereum [ETH] price reclaims $2.2K amid surge in network activity, data reveals

  • Yahoo! Finance

Top game dapp Iskra to launch Clashmon during BASE mainnet onchain summer roll out

WAX and Amazon Prime Gaming Collaborate to Bring In-Game Content to "Brawlers"

Planetarium Labs Launches BNB Chronicles to Drive Omnichain Efforts and Expand Gaming Universe

FLASH NEWS: OKX NFT Marketplace Claims First Place in Dapp Radar Rankings, Surpassing Blur and OpenSea on December 13th

Axie Infinity Tokens Lead 'GameFi' Revival in November: DappRadar

  • CoinMarketCap

How to analyze trends to identify the next big cryptocurrency

Why invest in digital assets? 6 benefits of blockchain technology

How video games are embracing blockchain and NFTs

  • Trading View

Tens of millions to enter Web3 through gaming in 2024: GameFi execs

  • Decrypt

Ethereum Sidechain Ronin Adds Binance Pay to Wallet as 'Pixels' Game Surges

Crypto Gaming Powers Up as Daily Active Wallets Hit 1 Million

Overall, integrating XDC on DappRadar will bring new users, provide performance insights, drive traffic, engage experienced builders, offer gaming metrics, showcase activity, and generate media exposure, enhancing the XDC Network and its dapp ecosystem.

Discuss similarities and differences between your project and existing projects on the XDC or other networks.

DappRadar distinguishes itself from existing XDC related projects in several ways, making it an attractive option for users:

  1. Comprehensive coverage: unlike many existing projects that focus on specific verticals or functionalities, DappRadar positions itself as an all inclusive hub for all dapps. This broad coverage allows users to access a wide range of dapps across different categories, providing a holistic experience for users and eliminating the need to use multiple platforms.

  2. Trend awareness and new metrics: by not limiting itself to a particular vertical, DappRadar stays on top of industry trends and can introduce new metrics to enhance the user experience. This continuous adaptation ensures that users have access to the latest and most relevant information, making their dapp discovery process more valuable and up-to-date.

  3. Pioneering status and industry reputation: DappRadar's status as the first dapp store, with over five years of history and industry trust, gives it an edge over competitors. Being an early adopter and leader in publishing comprehensive, independent dapp rankings has established DappRadar's reputation as a reliable and authoritative source of dapp data. This long-standing presence contributes to its appeal and credibility among users.

  4. Unique combination of verticals: while there may be specific competitors for individual functionalities such as displaying rankings, data tracking, or portfolio tracking, DappRadar's unique advantage lies in its ability to bring together multiple verticals under one platform. This comprehensive approach allows users to access various functionalities and services in a single place, offering convenience and a seamless user experience.

  5. User interface: DappRadar focuses on providing an intuitive dapp discovery experience. This emphasis on user experience enhances DappRadar's appeal and positions it as a user-friendly and accessible platform for dapp exploration.

By combining these distinguishing factors, DappRadar creates a unique value proposition in the market, making it an attractive choice for users seeking a comprehensive, trend-aware, and user-friendly platform for discovering and tracking dapps.


  • State the current status of your project.
  • Detail the milestones and benchmarks of your project, specifying when you expect to meet each of them and how much funding you require at each stage.

Milestone 1:
Objective: Integrating and onboarding at least 20 XDC dapps data on DappRadar to track and present its dapps ecosystem.
Expected Completion: Within 3 months from project initiation.

Funding Requirement: $40,000
Task Assignment: Individual teams will be assigned to deliver the task.
Outcome: Display XDC dapps on DappRadar rankings page.

Milestone 2:
Objective: Complete integration of XDC on DappRadar and provide ongoing maintenance and support.
Expected Completion: After the completion of Milestone 1.
Funding Requirement: $20,000

Milestone 3:
Objective: Organize a marketing campaign once XDC is integrated on DappRadar
Expected Completion: 1 week after the completion of Milestone 1.
Funding Requirement: $10,000
Marketing Action: The marketing team will send the announcement and share it on DappRadar's social media channels.

If applicable, provide anticipated user-growth metrics with a timeline

While it is hard to ascribe a general trend - all chains are individual - on average, even the smallest chains integrated on DappRadar we can use the examples of three recent (Q3 2023) integrations as an example of how DappRadar has helped grow user growth on individual chains.

(It should be noted that these numbers reflect bear market and without the aid of new DappRadar’s quest system.)

Chain 1
Avg. monthly dapp views: 2,700
Avg. monthly click outs to dapps: 385

Chain 2
Avg. monthly dapp views: 37,500
Avg. monthly click outs to dapps: 26,500

Chain 3
Avg. monthly dapp views: 75,000
Avg. monthly click outs to dapps: 57,000


  • Specify the amount of XDC you're requesting. Offer a detailed justification for this amount and describe its allocation. Mention any other funding sources you've secured or have set aside.

The DappRadar team is requesting (1 million XDC) 70K USDT for the integration on DappRadar. We believe this allocation is necessary to achieve the following objectives and support the development of the XDC ecosystem:

Integration and performance highlighting:

  • XDC integration on DappRadar rankings, inclusive of the metrics tracking, including UAW, volumes, and transaction counts (as per all other chains on DappRadar), including upcoming gaming specific metrics
  • API integration to provide XDC users access to listed dapps data
  • Maintenance and support of the XDC ecosystem on DappRadar

Marketing campaign and community engagement:

  • On the public launch week of XDC, DappRadar will create a large marketing campaign to promote the XDC and its dapps to the community
  • The XDC launch week will comprise of the following activities:
  • an article published on DappRadar’s blog and amplified on social media channels
  • additional social media pushes on X, Discord and Telegram
  • newsletter mentions
  • (Launch a marketing campaign to announce the integration and introduce it to DappRadar's community)

Rankings Integration:

  • XDC will be integrated across all DappRadar’s rankings sections
  • This includes the Explorer, All Rankings, and upcoming Games sections
  • XDC will have its sections accessible from the drop down box on each category
  • On each page, dapps will be ranked based on their performance
  • Whenever a new change happens, it will be reflected for XDC accordingly
  • Any XDC dapp developer will be able to submit and list applications on DappRadar
  • Each dapp will receive its own Single Dapp Page (SDP)

Indicate if you'll need to liquidate XDC to support your project and specify the amount and reasons. If liquidation is required, mention if you can use FXD or an UpHold or Kinesis credit card.

To prevent any adverse impact on the XDC token price that may arise from liquidating a significant amount of XDC, DappRadar would prefer to receive payment in UDST (or similar stablecoins). Payment in XDC is possible, however, it should be noted that our company policy is to immediately exchange native tokens to stablecoins upon receipt.

Describe how your project will become self-sufficient. Highlight potential revenue streams or income sources, and list any expected additional operating costs.

DappRadar is self-sufficient, with multiple existing revenue streams, including integrations, revenue share, advertising, and API licensing.

Provide your legal status and state if your project is incorporated. If so, where? Specify the recipient of the funds if your proposal is accepted.
Yes, DappRadar, is incorporated as UAB "DappRadar" in Lithuania. As a legally established entity, we adhere to all the necessary legal requirements and regulations of the jurisdiction in which we are incorporated.

In terms of the recipient of the funds, if our proposal is accepted, the funds will be directed to the ERC20 USDT Address(0x3b047Fd0b13f3D1C77Aa55c0a0fEfc22e77110A5) of UAB "DappRadar" for proper allocation and utilization in accordance with the outlined project milestones and budget.

Additional Information:
Reflect on what further details you'd like to share about yourself or your project.
For more detailed information regarding the integration, we have prepared a comprehensive deck that provides extensive insights and specifics. You can access the deck by following this link.

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