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Grace Savin
Grace Savin

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Can't access XDC wallet - no support

Can anyone tell me how to access my XDC? There appear to be many people with this issue. I want to move to a more secure easy to use wallet. Any suggestions? This feels very scammy.

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Robert Aronovici

Which wallet are you accessing?

I have not had any issues with XDC Pay and/or the mobile (Android) wallet.

As long as you backed up your seed phrase and have the private keys, you can import and access your wallet anytime.

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Hello @grace_savin_d699fa2696a8a,

Thank you for reaching out to us on the platform. I understand your concern regarding accessing your XDC wallet. I will suggest you to securely access your XDC by logging in through the official XinFin beta wallet at "".

Additionally, as for XDC supporting wallets, here is a list of some popular ones:

  1. XinFin Official Beta Wallet
  2. Metamask
  3. Blockspay
  4. Ledger Nano S
  5. MyEtherWallet
  6. Trust Wallet
  7. Atomic Wallet
  8. Guarda Wallet
  9. Crypterium wallet
  10. Free wallet
  11. Infinity Wallet
  12. Simplehold wallet
  13. Frontier Wallet
  14. Onto Wallet
  15. Safepal wallet
  16. Nabox Wallet

If you encounter any further issues or have any other questions, feel free to ask for assistance. We're here to help!

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Cho Chanit

There is a glitch with the Ledger but I found a loop whole yesterday. Ledger people must use specific site "". Next you must use USB-C to USB-C cord to connect ledgers to your phone.EVEN with the NANOX! Bluetooth will not work.its a glitch.fallow the steps pic a wallet and send.BOOM.DONE. must use GOOGLE CHROME BROWSER

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Yeah so I've used XDC wallet since I was trying to navigate off the exchanges as a smart crypto user would do... I sent my xdc which was on the mainnet at that point in time and no longer xdce. I come back now two years later to check on it and cannot log in with my 12 word phrase and pword which I know is 100% correct. Starting to think xdc wallet is a complete scam and its shocking this hasn't come up as a HUGE problem yet within the community. I've tried recovering via guarda and says 0 xdc now. I sent my xdc from bitrue and it was not an eth address so not sure why the HD options do not offer any xdc compatible addresses. Any smart devs out there can crack this? When I do an address scan it still shows up. Tired of these crap UI's within the crypto space eff'ing me time and time again (whether this is a true scam or not). Thanks.

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Jukebox Joel

@grace_savin_d699fa2696a8a I'm in the same boat. I created a wallet and when I added the extension and put the info in, my address is different that on the web page. And we can change our addresses? This is weird, and there's no support to help us so I'm not wasting more time and just looking for the next opportunity.
P.s. don't listen to the other person that posted. He's a scamming punk.