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[Proposal] Brainprint as a XDC-first ai-agents platform

Link to Brainprint as a XDC-first ai-agents platform / XDC Chain Foundation Grant Proposal.pdf

Project Name: Brainprint
Team Name: Fazzalabs

Contact Name: Dov Svjatogor

Project Overview

Name: Brainprint

Brief Description:

Brainprint creates the most productive memory cartriges with self-sovereign personality of any NFT from any blockchain.

Evolve any NFT-character from any blockchain into your very own AI-Superagent.

*Reason for Interest: *

Brainprint will diversify user experience and attract new audiences to XDC.

Web site -

Project Details

1. Brainprint combines the power of AI with the efficiency of personalization. By utilizing NFT characters.
NFT traits are translated into behavior models, allowing NFT characters to talk to their owners, assist in work, play games, learn, evolve, and bring utility. They retain unique personalities, emotions, and passions.

2.Brainprint takes ownership and digital identity to new heights. Fuelled by ZK Snark of XDC and its enterprise-ready features.
Brainprint Cartridge is an individualized LLM model with dynamic personal characteristics. These are achieved by processing prompts through traits from NFT metadata. Stored securely on MongoDB + IPFS + IPNS, Brainprint allows retraining and data evolution based on interaction with owner and the digital world. ZK-Safe, Brainprint begins with DID monetization use case (building DIDs ZK-targeting ready).

3. Brainprint cartridges seamlessly integrate with the GPTs marketplace and diverse ai-skills from third-party providers.
This enables NFT characters to gain additional functions and resources (for rented service duration) while preserving their unique Brainprint profile and memories of their owner's emotional identity. Sensitive data remains fully protected.

Brainprint is partnering with top digital identity players to create a new generation of AI-powered NFT characters. We have already onboarded 30 NFT projects (with over 1 million users), including a web3 game and a metaverse. We are committed to becoming the XDC-first platform that connects communities from across the blockchain ecosystem to create the most productive AI agents.

*Project Goals and Aspirations: *

  1. Forging academic partnerships: We've partnered with Vienna University and MBZUAI on cutting-edge research. This empowers NFT-AI agents to adapt to owner needs while retaining their unique personalities.

  2. Blockchain agnostic, XDC powered: Brainprint leverages the best of the XDC ecosystem while remaining blockchain agnostic. We're actively integrating with Telegram, allowing users to connect bots to Brainprint cartridges for enhanced daily productivity. This diversifies the user experience and attracts new audiences to XDC.

XDC Network's environmental sustainability aligns with our values.

However, we believe that its enterprise-ready features and support for ZK-SNARKs are the perfect fit for our marketing experiment to monetize digital ID.

Proposal Submission:
XDCS understands the positive funding decisions are made quarterly on December 31, and and are prepared to participate in a demo call with the decision-makers as needed.

Evaluation Criteria:
We believe our proposal aligns with the evaluation criteria as it demonstrates the potential beneficial impacts on the XDC Network, a well-justified budget, and clear sustainability plans.

Primary name and contact information: Dov Svjatogor
Total funding requested (in USD): $45000

Budget and Roadmap

Total budget: $45,000
Duration: 3 months

Milestone 1 : $20,000

Implement and deploy XDC Chain smart contract, allowing mint brainprint on XDC
Integrate with NERVE swap partnership to allow users to pay for minting with any token on XDC

It may be difficult for wide range users to switch to the XDC network and pay for minting gas.
Solution: Integrate a user-friendly cross-chain swap service, with super userfriendly UX such as ORBITER (supporting XDC), that allows users to swap tokens from any chain to XDC seamless

Milestone 2 : $10,000

Bored Avatars Bar: Integrate XDC in Co-working mode, reading XDC-NFT +
Allow users to pay for API credits with any token on XDC

Milestone 3 (3 months): $15,000 + our resourses

Marketing and community outreach:

Incentive AMA, video-tutorial,posts, celeb retweets once a month,
Cross-post integrations from two DID partnerships, and 30 NFT Communities.
Massive incentivized marketing campaign with the goal of reaching 30-50k+ transactions with 10k+ UAW per month

Ecosystem Fit
Deploy smart contracts on XDC Chain :
main storage contract
NFT contract

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