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[WIP] Where is Beta Version of XDC Web Wallet

Hello why not work? Host down!?

I need this becuase only this web wallet importing right address from dcent wallet 24 mnemonics so please tell me how to find beta wallet correct link?


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Lamin Camps

Yes can we have an update on when the beta wallet will be back up? This is the only way I can access my XDC, all others (MEW, mycrypto etc )seem to error when using the xdc network.

Or can you suggest another wallet to use?

I access my account via my ledger...

Kind regards,


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M. Shep

Agree team. Please advise when the site will be back up. Thanks.

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Robert Aronovici

Follow the updates here as well:

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The wallet is up again. Please check and let us know if you still face any issue accessing the website