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[Informative]Community Support Bounty Rules and Application Form

-Projects can claim the bounty once per year (up to a maximum of 1 million XDC).
-Multi-year funding: Projects seeking funding for over a year should reapply annually, providing proof of progress, especially on-chain data. Exceptional cases may warrant multi-year bounties if the project holds immense value for the XDC Network and community and has proven its success.

Bounty Disbursement Schedule:
Q1: March 31
Q2: June 30
Q3: September 30
Q4: December 31
-Note: Submit proposals at least six weeks before the quarter's end for consideration in that period; late submissions will shift to the next quarter.

-A verified (KYCed) XDC address is mandatory for bounty disbursement.
-Claim your bounty under "Community Support bounty" at the XinFin Bug Bounty Program, Airdrop for community contributor page:
-Rules, bounty amounts, and legal guidelines can change without prior notice.
-Jury members, who may be affiliated with XDC entities, cannot apply or receive any bounty.

Decentralization and Community Participation:
-Initially, only five projects will participate in this decentralized process. Subsequent adjustments may result from feedback from the community, core team, and jury.
-Onchain voting will be implemented soon.
-The XDC community can suggest jury members. Proposed profiles will undergo thorough evaluations by legal teams, founders, and existing jury members to ensure they are apt for the role and have significant stake in the XDC network.

Proposal Submission:
-Propose and submit budgets at XDC.DEV. Access the Request for Proposal (RFP), which must be completed by all applicants, here: (Also copied in full below).
-Successful projects must secure the approval of 5 of the 6 initial jury members.
-Positive funding outcomes necessitate at least one demo call with the members listed below:
Dustin Sebell - Neutral Community Voice
Matthew Weisenthal - XDC Foundation
Can Inac - XDC.EU GDCE
Rebecah Dausen -
Tadashi Yoshida - XDC Japan
Sean White - XDC Australia

Community Engagement:
-Garner community support by promoting your proposal on XDC.DEV, Linkedin, Twitter, and other XDC community channels or social media platforms.

Grant Application for XDC Network Development and Enhancement

I. Introduction:

The XDC Network is seeking proposals from qualified individuals and teams to undertake projects that will contribute to the improvement and evolution of the XDC ecosystem. The details of the application are outlined below.

II. Applicant Details:

Personal Information:
Full Name:
Email Address: For all future correspondences.

About You:
Please provide detailed information about yourself and your team. This should include qualifications, resumes, and especially past crypto work experience.
State if you and your team will be solely dedicated to this project during the active grant period or if you will have other concurrent work obligations.

III. Grant Application Details:

Grant Category:
Protocol development
Applications and integrations
Developer tooling
Code audits
Committees, sub-committees, and DAOs serving the XDC ecosystem
Community service (marketing and education)
Events and hackathons

Project Description:
Provide a detailed description of your project. Relevant links and materials such as websites, Twitter, GitHub, etc. should be included.

Project Goals and Aspirations:
Explain how, if funded, your project will enhance the XDC Network.
Discuss similarities and differences between your project and existing projects on the XDC or other networks.

State the current status of your project.
Detail the milestones and benchmarks of your project, specifying when you expect to meet each of them and how much funding you require at each stage.
If applicable, provide anticipated user-growth metrics with a timeline.

Specify the amount of XDC you're requesting. Offer a detailed justification for this amount and describe its allocation. Mention any other funding sources you've secured or have set aside.
Indicate if you'll need to liquidate XDC to support your project and specify the amount and reasons. If liquidation is required, mention if you can use FXD or an UpHold or Kinesis credit card.

Describe how your project will become self-sufficient. Highlight potential revenue streams or income sources, and list any expected additional operating costs.

Provide your legal status and state if your project is incorporated. If so, where? Specify the recipient of the funds if your proposal is accepted.

Additional Information:
Reflect on what further details you'd like to share about yourself or your project.

IV. Proposal Submission:

Positive decisions will be made quarterly: on March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

All positive funding decisions will require at least one demo call with the jury.

V. Evaluation Criteria:

Proposals will be evaluated based on feasibility, potential impact on the XDC Network, team qualifications, budget justification, and sustainability plans.

VI. Additional Notes:

If you have any queries related to this RFP or need further clarification on any point, please reach out.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and exploring the potential ways we can enhance the XDC ecosystem together.

Discussion (4)

lance profile image
Lance Lilly • Edited on

Is there something in place that would prevent all awards to be given to one type of bounty? For example, what if there are no protocol or dev tool bounties submitted and its all hackathon/event submissions? I think there is a lot of that going on already and the network would benefit more from developer focused tools or network focused bounties. There are a lot of teams doing good work with hackathons, events, marketing, community, etc.

mrblockchain22 profile image
Salomon Morales

Perfect addition to grant requests or request for funding from projects. During the last event in Toronto, there was a lot of interest from devs and businesses looking at building on chain, and the main thing they asked "What type of grants are you offering?". This gives a better understanding of the requirements short and long term for any project.

sean_ profile image

This essentially gives the much awaited clarity regarding how the funding process works, what the threshold would be in case the grant gets approved. Really like the Initial Jury Lineup. Looking forward to some interesting use cases getting built and deployed on the Network.

ronald_mitchell_0de6c6219 profile image
Ronald Mitchell

It's a Great Start! Distinguished group of folks selected for the initial Jury. 100% support this and look forward to the growth towards on-chain voting.